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Traci Bowen

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Bhr Consulting is a new, innovative HR practice designed to address the needs of growth-oriented companies and small businesses. Bhr Consulting offers these engines of the new economy on-demand access to deeply seasoned HR professionals, with a menu-based financial commitment. Free from the crushing overhead, Bhr enables your business to focus on your core competency, while reducing your legal and reporting risk.

CEO Traci Bowen is an accomplished and seasoned leader in the field of Human Resources and Human Capital Management, and she brings a strategic and methodical approach to the development and scaling of the HR function. Her innovative practice has led growth stage companies, including Encoda Systems, Adeptus Health, and TridentUSA Health Services, through successful IPOs and corporate turnarounds.

Included Services

Human Capital Planning

  • Services include all phases of employment including attraction, hiring, onboarding, engagement, performance, development, and departure
  • Increasing Engagement and Retention
    • Building a corporate brand that is recognized as a “employer of choice”
      • Talent management including staffing planning and management
  • Survey management and action planning
    • Creating systems and processes that provide an excellent employee experience
    • HCM system review, recommendation, and implementation services to automate annual processes and provide more robust capabilities
    • Virtual and in-person onboarding planning, content development, and execution
    • Training plans that include role specific recommendation, management/Leadership recommendations, annual compliance recommendations
    • Assistance with policy review, employee handbook development, and benefits
  • Creating an infrastructure that will support continuous learning and strengths-based performance
    • Compensation review and analysis, including incentive program reviews
    • Performance management review, design, communication, and execution
  • Communication and change management development for all initiatives designed to build teams and culture

Interim Placement

  • Staffing for all recruiting functions
  • HR Management

Fractional Executive

  • Designed to bring a cost-effective, experienced CHRO into your organization
  • Designed to bring a diverse perspective based on prior background and experience

The Bhr Advantage

Attract the Best People:

Help you identify your purpose and brand. This should be apparent to candidates, employees and customers. Top executives and leaders must be aligned in your purpose. What type of organization do we want to be known for? High performance? Innovation? Customer satisfaction? Let me help you must define your purpose and instill that purpose in each of your teams.

Build Productive Teams:

Associates on a team are 2.3 times likely to be engaged than those who are not. Do your managers know how to build diverse, innovative and high-performing teams? Let me help you create/execute training plans that prepare team and managers for success.

Retain the Best Talent:

Reposition managers as coaches. Managers at all levels make or break culture change. Do they have the right training to make the shift from manager to coach? Let me help you increase your team engagement levels so you can retain your most valuable asset.

Bhr Consulting

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